Best Air Conditioner (AC) Buying Guide India 2020

Best Air Conditioner (AC) Buying Guide India 2020

In India, you possibly can’t overlook the summer season. Before you purchase something, make sure to check out all the several types of air conditioners available on the market. When you’ve selected the air conditioning system that’s best for you, other factors to think about include price, controls, security, and energy efficiency.

Summer-time is at its scorching finest in India right now. Entire North India is on the hearth and even other parts of the nation are seeing mercury going up. Nicely, that is precisely when air-conditioners come into the scenes and provide some relief.

Types of Air Conditioners

When you’ve decided to buy an air conditioner, your decisions will include every little thing from window models to central air conditioning, portable air conditioners, through-the-wall air conditioners, ductless split systems, packaged terminal air conditioners, swamp coolers, and even geothermal cooling methods.

tpye of air conditioners - Best Air Conditioner AC Buying Guide India 2020 Types of Air Conditioner India 2020

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Window AC

Window air conditioners are the most typical type of air conditioning you see. As you walk down a metropolis road in the summertime and look up, you’ll see plenty of these put in within the home windows above you. Or worse, however simply as frequent, you’ll be dripped on by their condensation!

Windows Air Conditioners - Best Air Conditioner AC Buying Guide India 2020 Types of Air Conditioner India 2020

The sort of air conditioner, usually mounted in a window, has an exhaust system that pushes hot air out the back and sides, whereas the refrigerant cooling system is pointed indoors.

Generally, these models have the flexibility to chill one room at a time, and if in case you have a big home, you could want one in every of these put in in every room you need cooling. Largely inexpensive, these are nonetheless the preferred choice for individuals who reside in small homes or flats. One other benefit of the window unit is that they are often moved between rooms as essential and removed altogether in colder months.

One of many disadvantages of window air conditioners is losing the use of the window that it’s installed, each when it comes to access to fresh air and the amount light that enters the room. A much less common concern, however one to pay attention to, is that window models mounted in home windows near the ground can be easily compromised by burglars.

Central AC

For those with a big home who need to cool many rooms without delay, central air conditioning or “central air” because it’s generally known, it is going to be the best type of air conditioning.

Central Air Conditioners - Best Air Conditioner AC Buying Guide India 2020 Types of Air Conditioner India 2020

The system begins with a cooling compressor, which is situated outdoors of the house and is the piece that really cools the air. A coil filled with refrigerant is used to cool the air, which is then blown by a fan and distributed all through your home via your established ductwork.

Utilizing these supply and return ducts, central air conditioning circulates the cool air through a building while warm air is then carried back through the return system and pushed out of the home through an exhaust system.

Your central air conditioning system will use the same system of ducts that your heating system makes use of to direct air from the furnace. Though most older houses won’t be fitted with central air, they are going to have this duct system, which makes central air simple to install must you decide to take action.

Since you’re dealing with the insides of your home, this kind of system requires probably the most planning of any discussed right here. Central air requires knowledge to install and would be the costliest system we take a look at right here.

Portable AC

Much like window air conditioners, portable air conditioners are one other instance of a “unitary” or self-contained air conditioning system. What this implies is that like window models, portable air conditioners have all of their essential elements contained inside one appliance.

Portable Air Conditioners - Best Air Conditioner AC Buying Guide India 2020 Types of Air Conditioner India 2020

These models are most commonly utilized in conditions where both the design of a room or building rules and regulations prevent the installation of a window unit. The best way this work is by cooling the air with a condenser coil contained inside the unit after which sending the warm air out through a large exhaust hose.

The exhaust hose is a big tube that resembles a dryer vent and connects the unit to a piece of hermetic window equipment, directing the exhaust outside. These window kits are often included with the unit.

As a result of the condenser and exhaust fan being situated inside the same casing, these models are typically a bit noisier than different air conditioners. The extreme noise is the result of the evaporator fan. That is the fan that evaporates the collected condensation inside the unit.

Additionally, these models have proven to be ineffective in rooms that are bigger than 500 sq. ft.

Due to the noise and relatively weak spot of those models, many see the portable air conditioner because of the final resort in situations where a window unit is impractical. To their credit score, these models are comparatively gentle and often have wheels, making them simple to move between rooms.

Split AC

These are mostly used in buildings and not using a comprehensive duct system.

Split Air Conditioners - Best Air Conditioner AC Buying Guide India 2020 Types of Air Conditioner India 2020

They’re known as a ‘split-system’ as a result of they consist of two or more parts, the condenser unit, which is put in outdoor, and then compact blower models or evaporative models, that are often mounted on walls, located in appropriate areas for the ‘zones’ you need to be cool. These parts are connected through conduits, which carry the power and refrigerant strains.

The benefit to split AC is that they’ll cool completely different rooms at completely different temperatures, as every compact unit is equipped with its own thermostat. Due to this feature, these systems will also be much more costly than having a central air conditioning system installed.

Best Air Conditioner Buying Guide India 2020

Often, here in India At the moment which is the best budget air conditioner of all of them is a big question. So, this time around we determined to check out how ACs are bought in India and the way individuals should buy them. Listed here are 5 suggestions to bear in mind whereas looking for an ACs. This air-conditioner shopping for suggestions and information will assist you to get one of the best ones in your price range.

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Things to consider before buying air conditioner India 2020

In ACs, crucial elements are additionally those that company’s do not discuss. It’s because it’s straightforward for companies to promote stuff on the idea of some cool-sounding features as an alternative to promising people quality stuff, which is likely to be pricey. One good bit to establish the standard of an AC is to ask the AC manufacturers what kind of coils and materials they’re utilizing of their ACs.

Go for higher BEE rating: decrease the electricity bill

It’s no secret that an air-conditioner adds more electric bill in months. Therefore, an AC that consumes much less energy and meets your necessities ought to be most popular over the remaining. Now The query arises how it is best to discover the vitality effectivity score? That is the place start BEE rating involves play.

Air Conditioners BEE ratings- Best Air Conditioner AC Buying Guide India 2020 Types of Air Conditioner India 2020

Most air conditioners include star ratings starting from star 1 to star 5. So, the upper the star, the decrease the energy consumption. For example, a 5 star rating air conditioner will devour much less energy as in comparison with a 3 star AC. So, maintaining this in thoughts the following time you might be out to buy an air conditioner is recommendable.

However, there may be one other bit to notice right here and that’s Inverter ACs. These ACs are, a minimum of theoretically and mostly in journal life, consume much less energy than the ACs use a standard cooling plant. The effect, in some instances, might be dramatic. It’s so huge that the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), which is a government body, charges inverter ACs separately. In different phrases, generally, you can find {that a} 3-star inverter AC will consume much less energy than a 5-star typical ACs.

Do this in mind, though inverter ACs additionally are usually a little bit costlier in comparison with the common ones.

Cooling Capability: Size of air conditioners

This can be an essential side to think about because a miss here and your ACs will both really feel insufficient or will chill your room a lot that you simply really feel living on the north pole. Often, for a room that’s around 100 to 120 sq. ft, an excellent 1 ton AC is enough. For a room around 175 sq. ft, you possibly can go for a 1.5 ton AC. And so on and so forth. Getting the proper dimension ACs additionally helps you additional save electrical energy as a result of you’ll use your AC optimally.

Air Conditioners by room size- Best Air Conditioner AC Buying Guide India 2020 Types of Air Conditioner India 2020

Copper coils are barely more expensive however are considerably higher from efficiency and reliability perspective in comparison with aluminum coils. Equally, ask your AC manufacturer concerning the effectivity of the AC when it’s utilized in excessive heat and when the sun is thrashing down on it instantly. The great high-quality ACs will deal with excessive temperatures in a greater approach. The decreasing quality ACs, nevertheless, carry out poorly in excessive warmth and so they additionally devour extra energy.

Coil Materials

We have now all seen the snaking coil in the back of a window air conditioner. It’s just like the veins of the body by way of which blood flows and the refrigerant is the blood. The body is simply as sturdy because the blood vessels and an air conditioner are simply nearly as good because the coils that make it. At the very beginning of this a part of the guide, I had said that an AC is nothing greater than a really lengthy metallic tube filled with refrigerant gas.

There are two forms of metals in use for air conditioning – copper and aluminum (often some kind of aluminum alloy).

Coil Air Conditioners - Best Air Conditioner AC Buying Guide India 2020 Types of Air Conditioner India 2020

Copper is much better than aluminum and alloy supplies with regards to condenser coils. A condenser coil wants to have the ability to move heat rapidly from the liquefied gas to the air outdoors.

Why then do manufacturers use aluminum in some models. The reason being the associated fee. Copper is at this second 3 times dearer. In a period of cost-cutting, you will need to save each penny from a producer’s standpoint and the low price of aluminum is engaging.

Not solely is copper higher at heat change however it’s extra resistant to corrosion. The corrosion of copper occurs slowly and might be avoided by common maintenance yearly. Aluminum corrosion can’t be defended towards so simple and there may be bound to be fatigue and put on on the web site of corrosion.

A leak within the copper coil might be repaired. Nonetheless, it’s far tougher to weld or solder aluminum. That’s the reason with any leak the entire coil subsystem must be changed. In case you can afford to always choose an air conditioner with copper tubing. It’s going to last more and infrequently fail whether it is cleaned periodically.

Consider the noise level

These days, for those who get the split AC chances are high that noise won’t be an issue. However in case you get a window AC it’s potential that the noise from the machine could disturb you when you’re sleeping. Even with the split AC it is best to verify for the noise and ask the AC seller actual noise particulars (it’s in dB) for each out of doors and indoor models. Favor ACs that make much less noise.

Air Conditioners Noise level - Best Air Conditioner AC Buying Guide India 2020 Types of Air Conditioner India 2020

Similarly, before you purchase an AC be very certain the place you need to place it. This can assist you to keep away from the aesthetic points, especially in India ACs are sometimes afterthoughts in homes and the place where the setup process may be very amateurish from even well-known manufacturers like Daikin and LG. It’s going to additionally assist you to get the AC that can fit your wants finest.

Fear about after-sales service

ACs have pretty complicated and mechanical items inside them. This implies they require servicing even when they’re working nice and there may be nothing improper with them. So all the time go for an AC model that has a confirmed report of fine servicing, particularly in your area.

In case you are unsure in regards to the service report of an AC service provider, do not hesitate to ask sellers. If required talked to customer care to the AC manufacturers company and make inquiries. In different phrases, do not simply purchase an AC since you prefer it.

But it surely since you prefer it and you might be certain that it will likely be serviced effectively and at inexpensive charges after you buy it. In case you are unsure concerning the aftersales offered by a brand, do not buy its ACs.

Air conditioners model Warranty

A few manufacturers provide a 10-year warranty on the compressor together with gas alternatives. That is positively one thing worthwhile and must be checked out since a compressor is the center of an AC. An assurance that you’ll not have to incur any price on its replacement for a decade is basically going so as to add to the pleasure of shopping for.

Air Conditioners Warranty - Best Air Conditioner AC Buying Guide India 2020 Types of Air Conditioner India 2020

However, at the same time make sure that of what precisely the warranty covers. Fairly often companies will declare that the damage within the compressor has extended to the piping and they’re unable to repair a brand new compressor because the piping must be changed.

We suggest before buying any air conditioner if we must talk to their customer care for all feature details  (not the salesperson in an electronics mega mart) about what precisely the warranty will present for.

The nature of a company can typically be understood by means of what a dozen or hundred opinions say. This isn’t to say that opinions inform the entire fact however they do give an impression. It’s also essential to know in the event you can set up the AC utilizing native workmen. Some companies don’t honor the warranty if an AC is installed by unauthorized personnel. However, generally, local workmen give faster install and cost much less.

Shopping for an AC has a number of components accompanying it. I’ve tried to present you a bird’s eye view of each subject without going into excessive detail. Hopefully, the data that you’ve got gleaned from the above, starting with how an AC works, what are its completely different elements, what’s an inverter compressor, power rating, and benefits of the copper coil will stand you in good stead when the shopping for decision arrives.

Final however not least, don’t fall for bundled presents such as an OTG free with an AC. These are given on the seller level for pushing off outdated inventory. Take care to avoid too good to be true assurances.

The Verdict

If I used to be going to purchase the Blue Star IC518QATX could be my first selection on account of its second sensor within the remote. However, at INR 44,990 it’s barely costly and I might only purchase it if I received a substantial bonus.

Blue Star 1.5 Ton inverter split ac - Best Air Conditioner AC Buying Guide India 2020  Types of Air Conditioner India 2020

My selection if it was a value versus profit determination could be the Carrier ESKO NEO HYBRIDJET. At INR 42,990 it isn’t too costly for a high of the line product. With an annual power consumption of, 870 units the bills come to about INR 6,100. Assuming it’ll be 30% extra the bills could be not more than INR 8,000.

Carrier 1.5 Ton inverter split ac - Best Air Conditioner AC Buying Guide India 2020 Types of Air Conditioner India 2020

In return Carrier provides me the very best machine with R32 refrigerant and copper grooved tubing. It additionally has a 10-year warranty that I like very a lot. I’m certain that an enormous model comparable to Carrier would honor their dedication.

So far as value goes it’s about 10% costlier than Korean manufacturers and cheaper than Blue Star. This makes it a very candy deal.

For the reason that mega brand’s design for the Indian markets, they’re more proficient at having extremely expert technicians ought to one thing fail. I have the benefit of living in a metro and having prepared entry to the Carrier service center and that has to some extent, in fact, influenced my outlook.

If I had been in a Tier 2-Three city I might have leaned in direction of the LG, Samsung, Bluestar or Voltas as a result of they might be capable to present assist if there was a problem within the AC.

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